cute critters bento box

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Andrea and The Cuties came over yesterday for a little tea party so I decided to try making up a little bento box lunch for each of the girls using the new mini sandwich presses we bought recently. The sandwiches were really very easy to assemble and the kids had fun biting into them and discovering the different fillings inside. I did a cucumber herbed cream cheese in one (I used THIS recipe and just chopped the cucumber into little pieces), homemade strawberry jam in another, and egg salad in the third. You only need a dab of filling for each sandwich so don’t make a ton of filling unless you want some left over for “grown up” tea sandwiches too.

I sliced an apple and lined one side of each bento with the slices, placed the sandwiches in front of the apples, followed by banana slices and a gingersnap cookie. The girls loved them! To make this a complete “tea” lunch we served alphabet soup in little soup bowls and, tea in real teacups, of course!

The cute stacked bento lunch box has two compartments so it’s easy to transport a lunch for each of the Cuties whenever we have to take lunch “to go.”


We plan on making a bunch of different, “themed” bentos in the very near future, so stay tuned!



(Maddie May & Chloe Rae’s Gramma) 😉

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