fun halloween treat ~ mummy dogs + spider web dip

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Here’s a fun Halloween classic to make with the kiddos! Maddie and Chloe love these, and they make a delicious, high protein, after-school snack.

These are even easier to make if you can find the “cheesy” hot dogs with the cheese already in the center of the hot dog. That way you won’t have to wrap a strip of cheese, along with a hot dog, with the crescent dough strips. Either way, these taste great!

To make the Mummy Dogs:

~ preheat oven to 375 degrees F. ~

You’ll need:

1 tube of Pillsbury “Grands” Buttery Crescent Rolls

8 regular or extra long hot dogs

2 pieces of Kraft Singles, American cheese (or more, if you like)

ketchup and mustard

Remove crescent roll dough from tube and divide the rectangles. Moosh the seams of the rectangles together (don’t tear them into triangles.)

Using a pizza cutter, cut the dough into strips. They don’t have to be perfect.


Cut each piece of cheese into 4 strips.

Wrap each hot dog, along with a piece of the cheese, with the dough strips




wrap the hot dogs with dough strips and leave a place to draw a “face” on each


Bake the mummy dogs in the preheated, 375 degree oven, and bake for 15 minutes or until golden brown and cheese is melty.


Maddie, waiting patiently


Chloe waiting (not so patiently)

15 minutes seems like such a long time when you’re hungry! 🙂

While you wait you can make the Spider Web Dip:


Just put a little ketchup in a ramekin. Make a swirl over the top of the ketchup with mustard (use a bottle that has a little tip or it will be a bit of a thick swirl as you can see.) Now, take a knife, and starting in the middle of the swirl, pull tip of knife to the edge of the ramekin. Repeat several times until you have what looks (sort of) like a web 😉 You get the idea.


When the Mummy Dogs are done, wait a few minutes for them to cool, and carefully draw faces on them with mustard (again, use a bottle with a fine tip on it, because the faces have to be really small.)


Dip Mummy Dogs into the Spider Web Dip and enjoy!

Happy Halloween!


The Cuties,

Maddie May and Chloe Rae

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