tiny tacos

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This was such a fun after-school snack to make with the little cuties! They had such a good time cooking and eating (This time Maddie did most of the cooking and Chloe did most of the eating). 😉

This recipe was inspired by the always-awesome Mollie Katzen. These cute treats hail from her sweet book, Salad People. She makes hers vegetarian… we added meat.

All of the yummy ingredients in these little tacos make this an interesting, versatile and creative dish. This would be an adorable appetizer for a kid’s birthday party or Halloween gathering.

If you make up a batch of homemade pico de gallo or salsa, remember that children will be eating these, so use bell peppers in place of jalapenos or serranos. Unless your little ones enjoy spicy food. 🙂 We used a combination of yellow and orange bell pepper in ours to add color. The pico looked like party confetti!

Gather your ingredients:


tortilla chips

refried beans or bean dip

ground beef

taco seasoning

shredded cheddar jack cheese

mild, store bought or homemade pico de gallo OR salsa

sour cream OR plain greek yogurt

store bought or homemade guacamole (optional)

Thoroughly cook your ground beef. Drain if needed. Add a little water and taco seasoning and cook until most of the water evaporates and the taco meat is saucy. (If you’re using a packaged taco seasoning, just cook according to the directions on the package.)

Heat the refried beans until warm.

Allow beef and beans to cool a bit before assembling tacos. Kids tend to use their fingers a lot when they cook, so we have to be careful that the ingredients aren’t too hot for little hands.

Place a bunch of tortilla chips on a plate. Top with some beans and beef…


sprinkle on some cheese…




spoon on some pico de gallo or salsa…




You may have to help your child add the sour cream/yogurt and guacamole…

Top each tiny taco with another tortilla chip…




Voila! Tiny Tacos!






Both of the cuties ate a bunch of these tiny tacos and gave them a thumbs up!

Andrea (Mama) and Me (Grandma) ate a few too! Great job, girls!



The Cuties,

Madeline May and Chloe Rae

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